Cumberland County
New Jersey


Resolution Approving Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations For Technology Upgrades In The Amount Of $450,000 To Be Funded In The 2018 Capital Plan


Department:FinanceSponsors:Deputy Director Darlene Barber, Freeholder James F. Quinn


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  2. Emergency Appropriation CJIS (003)


              WHEREAS, an emergent condition has arisen with respect to a capital appropriation and no adequate provision has been made in the 2018 temporary appropriations for the aforesaid purpose, and NJSA 40A:4-20 provides for the creation of emergency temporary appropriations for the purpose above mentioned, and

              WHEREAS, said emergency requires an immediate award of contracts which cannot be delayed through the process of adopting a bond ordinance; and

              WHEREAS, this Emergency Temporary Appropriation is part of the 2018 capital plan that will be funded in a Bond Ordinance; and

              WHEREAS, if this Emergency Temporary Appropriation is not funded in said Bond Ordinance before the 2018 operating budget is adopted it will become a line-item appropriation in the final 2018 operating budget; and

              NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED (not less than two-thirds of all the members thereof affirmatively concurring) that in accordance with the provisions of NJSA 40A:4-20:

1.              An emergency temporary appropriation be and the same are hereby made in the total amount of $450,000 for a technology assessment contract for the analysis and evaluation of security hardware and software

2.              That said Emergency Temporary Appropriation will be provided in the 2018 Capital Plan and included as a Bond Ordinance appropriation

3.              That said Emergency Temporary Appropriation will be included as a line-item appropriation in the 2018 operating budget if the County fails to adopt a Bond Ordinance in advance of adopting the 2018 County Operating Budget.

4.              That three certified copies of this resolution be filed with the Director of Local Government Services.

Passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Cumberland, held at the Cumberland County Administration Building, 164 West Broad Street, Bridgeton, New Jersey, on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. prevailing time.

Meeting History

Feb 27, 2018 6:00 PM Video Board of Chosen Freeholders Regular Board Meeting
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MOVER:Darlene Barber, Deputy Director
SECONDER:Carol Musso, Freeholder
AYES:George Castellini, Carol Musso, James F. Quinn, Joseph V. Sparacio, Jack Surrency, Darlene Barber, Joseph Derella